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Testimonials for our translation services


100 Translation Services has worked with a huge number of clients and has always provided a full range of high-quality services. Here, you can read what our clients say about working with us:

About your translation services

I used your translation services for the first time, and I had great worries about my legal translations because I had to be sure of a competent team who guarantees the service it offers. Thank you, I would have no hesitation in using your translation services again.

Alisa Willis, lawyer, Los Angeles, California, USA


About your translation services

Thank you for your translation service—punctual, affordable and, most importantly, reliable. You captured the essence, and translated the meaning—not just the words. Many thanks!

Hamilton Parker International, Paris, France


About your translation services

Our website was in German only, and we felt we were missing out on the huge online market. Recent studies have shown that visitors are 300% more likely to buy from a website if it is in their own language. So, we decided to translate the site into French, using 100 Translation Services. This helped us boost our business and reach the rapidly growing French market of over 3 million people. They are definitely above any other translation service.

ESC Index, Inc., Switzerland


About your interpretation services

You provided a brilliant interpretation service. I am extremely pleased with your work. Not only was it less expensive, but it expressed every detail. I would recommend your service to anyone.

Steffen Engel, Germany


About your proofreading services

Thank you for the excellent proofreading services you provided. You are among the few companies that provide such first-rate services for the English language. I will recommend your proofreading services to all my colleagues.

Anna Goldsmith, student, Chicago, USA


About your translation services

We have been working with 100 Translation Services for three years and are pleased to say that we are very happy with the collaboration. The translators fit all our requirements and do their best to do the job to a high standard. We are very happy with the turnaround time and prices they offer, as well as with the quality of their translations.

Philip Jackson, Diners Club Ltd., UK


About your interpretation services

100 Translation Services offers clear and accurate interpretation services and exceptional professional courtesy. We have used them in our Customer Center for English to Russian and English to Spanish. Services provided have been of superior quality, also reliable and confidential interpreters for our clients and we have never been disappointed. I would recommend this company’s interpretation services with no hesitation.

Mille Contras, Parian Medical Systems


About your content writing services

We are very happy with our cooperation with the content-writing team. They show professionalism in writing at affordable rates. Everyone is impressed with the content this amazing group of writers produces. We will certainly work with your team again in the future. Perfect work and excellent support.

David Pritchard, Manchester UK


About your translation services

Thank you for all your help with our French to English translation project. It's so nice to work with a professional and competent company. We appreciate your friendliness as well, and the quick response to any of our concerns. We look forward to future collaboration with you.

Wendy M. Bergonse, Production Manager, MAW Inc. LOTS Communications, Canada


About your content writing services

I have worked with several companies which offer copywriting services, but the quality your firm has produced is amongst the best. Thanks for working with me on this project, and I hope there will be others in the future.

Tanya Candia, Candia Communications, USA


About your proofreading services

Thank you for the great job of proofreading my manuscript; it was quite a complicated technical document. Now it is ready for publishing and easy to use. I really appreciate your proofreading services!

Dr. Peter Ray, Denver, CO, USA


About your translation services

I am extremely pleased with the quality of this company’s translation services. They responded to me in just few minutes when I first requested a quote for a certified translation of some English documents. During the translation process, we had excellent communication and cooperation. I noticed the remarkable professionalism and accuracy of the translation team that led to an outstanding and just perfect result. And to all this, you can add an extremely fair pricing. I highly recommend this company’s translation services!

Gavin Jeffery, Montreal, Canada

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