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At our SEO company, we offer a full range of top-quality content writing services for university students (essays, term papers, research, reports, theses and dissertations, course work), as well as copywriting services for companies and entrepreneurs in need of quality promotional writing for both online and offline distribution (web content writing or SEO copywriting, rewriting services).

Why Are Content Writing Services So Important?

Companies usually underestimate the importance of effective content that gives their target audience important information. Having an informative webpage is crucial in order to reach your customers. Our professional content writing (copywriting) experts will populate your webpage with the information you give us, but in a manner that is optimized in terms of objectives and the needs of your target audience.

Why Would You Choose to Go with Our SEO Company for Your Content Requirements?
- All articles produced by our content writing services are 100% unique and handwritten.
- All articles are Copy Scape-passed, and checked by our in-house plagiarism detection software.
- You will retain 100% of the rights to the content you order. It will not be sold to anyone else.
- Our editors and proofreaders check the articles twice, before delivering them to you.

Our rates for content writing (copywriting) are negotiable, as the price of each content writing project depends on many factors, including the type of document (article, research paper, thesis, essay, etc.), the length of the text, specified deadline, etc.

At our SEO company, you can keep in touch with your writer throughout the whole content writing process, enjoy 24/7 support from our customer care department, and free your mind from worry! With us, your assignment is safe!

The Content Writing (Copywriting) Process

The content writing (copywriting) process that we offer is fairly standard whatever the required type of article. Our company has established set guidelines on how the process works, however should your project require a special approach, we will ensure that all your needs are met.

1. Firstly, we need a detailed outline of the article that you require. In this outline you should tell us:

- Who your target audience is.
- What the purpose of your document is – research, information, a sales generating brochure, image-building or blog writing, etc.
- If you are selling a product, what are its features and benefits?
- Any other information you feel would be useful to us.

If you think you may use content writing services (copywriting services) again, or want to be informed about future discounts and offers, then you must register beforehand.

2. We will pass your project to a suitable professional writer to work on. He or she will then create a first draft which will be sent to you through our server account for your review. If you require any changes, please let us know and we will implement them.

3. After making the changes you requested, the writer will then produce a final draft of your content writing (copywriting) project, which will again be sent to you. At this stage, we can still make minor adjustments; however, if you wish to make further major changes (due to a departure from the original brief) we may need to make an extra charge.

4. Once you agree with the wording, we shall ask for confirmation that you are happy with the article we have produced, the assignment is then deemed to be successfully completed.


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