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Free English to Greek Translation Services

Welcome to our English Greek Translation Agency! This page was designed to help you get free online translations of English or Greek words and phrases. You provide the text; we do the translation!

To find accurate human Greek translation services, please Click here.

English Greek Translation Agency

Whether you are a Greek company hoping to get to the English market or you have products to sell to Greece, 100 Translation Services can help you. Our Greek translators can handle all types of documents you need translated to or from the Greek or English languages.

English to Greek Translations

Our English to Greek translations are only performed by natives of one of the two countries who are fluent in both English and Greek. They have a comprehensive understanding of your material and a thorough mastery of the Greek language, with special emphasis on spelling, grammar and cultural intricacies.

Greek to English Translation

Our company works only with professional Greek-speaking translators able to carry out  any kind of Greek to English translations. You will be provided with a full range of Greek to English translation services in a wide variety of industrial and cultural fields, such as: law, business, medicine and art.

You will be provided with top quality technical Greek translations; scientific Greek translations; medical reports Greek translations, and many more.

Certified Greek Translations

We work with expert Greek translators on certificate translations including, among others;

Marriage Certificates Greek translations;
Driver’s License  Greek translations;
Passport Greek translations, etc.

Quick Delivery of your Greek Translations

We will ensure that you receive all your translated documents as soon as possible. Utilizing their extensive experience with Greek translations, the project manager working with your particular Greek translation will be at your disposal to give advice or answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to get your free instant quote for your Greek to English or English to Greek translation!

Greek Translations at Affordable Prices

Our extremely client-friendly pricing policy is indicative of our desire to provide a top-quality service at an affordable rate. In fact, our rates are the lowest among the companies providing Greek translations on the English translation market.

Some facts about Greek

The Greek language, a member of the Indo-European family of languages, is the language of one of the major civilizations of the world and of one of the greatest literatures of all time. It is the official language of Greece and one of the official languages of Cyprus. Modern Greek is spoken today by about 15 million people, mainly in Greece and the Greek islands (10 million speakers), Turkey (600,000), Cyprus (550,000), the United States (390,000), as well as Greek minorities in other countries. The Greek language also serves as one of the 23 official languages of the European Union since 1981.

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