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English to Russian and Russian to English translation

Do you need a Russian word or Russian phrase translated into English, or vice versa? Simply enter the words below and select the languages. You will have your text translated within seconds.

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Russian to English Translation Services


English has become the primary language used when dealing with foreigners representing different countries. English is also the main language of Russian business abroad, and with a growing number of Russian people living abroad, today, Russian to English and English to Russian is one of the most requested translation services.

Our translation company works with a team of professional Russian translators who strive to provide top-quality English to Russian and Russian to English translation services. We believe that quality translation should not cost you the Earth, and so we offer the perfect blend of quality and affordability, for your English translation needs.

Professional English Translators

All of our translators are native British or American linguists; Russian speakers who live and work in their home country and specialize in translation between English and Russian.
Sometimes, we employ English translators and proofreaders on a freelance basis under the strict control of our project managers, thus ensuring that you will enjoy top-quality language translation at a highly competitive price.

We provide a wide range of translation services for your personal, business, technical documents and websites. All of our translators have professional translation qualifications and many years of experience, and will only translate the material they are familiar with. We guarantee that your translation project will be handled not only by professional native-speaking Russian translators but also by topic specialists.

English translations for various needs

The English Translation Services provided by our translation company are considered to be amongst the best in the vast Russian translation market due to our deep understanding of our client’s particular needs. We offer English translation services for different industries, of all types, and of any length, regardless of the format.

English translation of texts and technical manuals

Our professional English translators handle texts, professional technical documentation, commercial and industrial letters and communications, marketing articles, product catalogs, and operating and maintenance manuals.

English translation of legal documents

Legal documents of any kind and nature, such as deeds, litigation, contracts, insurance policies, petitions, writs, judgments, appeals, requests, bankruptcy procedures, statements and technical expertise.

English Website translation and localization

Our expert English translators and programmers will not only translate your web page content, but will also localize it They will adapt the tone according to the expectations of the target market and adjust to an appropriate cultural context.

English translations of literature and publishing

With our team of expert English translators, you can have any piece of literature properly and accurately translated into English or Russian, be it a newspaper article, book, catalog, essay, cultural magazine, museum guide or any other written matter.

Certified English translations

Along with industry-specific support, we offer a wide range of certified Russian to English and English to Russian document translation services. These include:

•    personal letters
•    legal materials for visa submission and other immigration related documents
•    international passports and driver's licenses
•    certificates of birth, death, marriage and divorce
•    adoption papers
•    medical records
•    academic (high school and university) diplomas and transcripts
•    letters of recommendation.

English translation services quality

All of our English translation teams are assembled from professional linguists who have studied and gained qualifications in translation of a wide range of documents, in various industries, from other languages into English. We do not use any machine translation and, for specific documents, our services also include notary certification for their submission to official bodies.

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