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French to English and English to French translation services

Online French Translation Services

We offer free online French to English and English to French translation services. Just paste your short text in the box above and select an appropriate translation direction. The box below will display the final translation in your desired language.

This free translation tool is able to handle more than 40 language combinations, including: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Swedish, Dutch and more.

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Professional French Translations

100 Translation Services is a quality oriented language translation services company specializing in French to English / English to French translations, and we are known throughout the industry for our double quality guarantee.

Native French Translators

Our French translation agency is fully aware that only a native speaker can produce an excellent translation. You can be assured that your entire project, regardless of the content, will be assigned to professional French translators working in their native language.

Our experienced teams of native, fully bilingual translators employ their skills to translate your texts, keeping the original meaning intact. This guarantees accurate French to English and English to French translation and a document ready to be published and distributed.

French Translations Expert areas

Our translation agency has vast experience performing French translations. We utilize an extensive database of  English and French translators in most common areas of expertise, including:

  Legal French translations;
  Financial French translations;
  Website French translations.

We also offer certified French translations; here are just some of them:

  Birth Certificates French translations
  Passport French translations
  Diplomas and Transcripts French translations, etc.

We also offer French to English and English to French interpreters, whether for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services.

French Translation Quality Guarantee

English to French translation projects ensures that you receive a polished, like-native document in your desired time frame. We will provide:

•    All possible means of communication with our clients (e-mail, Skype, printed mail etc.);
•    An assigned project manager who will take care of your project from the beginning through final approval.
•    A French to Russian translator specialized in your branch of activity who is assigned to the project until the end. Equipped with the best language processing software, the translator combines his command of the language with the most powerful computer tools.

French Translation Services Available at Any Time

We always make our best translators available to you, and we guarantee that the translator who is most suited to work with your texts will receive your projects on a priority basis. This procedure guarantees consistency and quick turnaround of your French translations.

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