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Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese Translation Services

If you have a word or phrase in Portuguese and are looking for its equivalent in English, or vice-versa, try our free Portuguese translation tool, to get the meaning you need. Just paste your short text in the box below and click on the translation direction you desire.

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Portuguese Translation Agency

Our Portuguese Translation Agency is a leading professional Portuguese translation service provider. We offer reliable, accurate and fast professional Portuguese translation services at competitive rates for both European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Our agency provides professional Brazilian Portuguese translation and European Portuguese translation solutions to several companies worldwide. We are proud to provide our clients with high quality professional Portuguese translations at the most competitive prices in the market.

Portuguese Translation by Portuguese Translators

Regardless of the type and scope of your Portuguese translation, we believe that it  requires a professional translator with a thorough grasp of Portuguese and other foreign languages. The translator should also possess knowledge of the culture, target audience, grammar and the core idea of the translation project. Our Portuguese translators possess all these essential skills; more than that, they are trained linguists who are always aware of any changes that take place in the Portuguese language, as well as cultural transformations within Portuguese-speaking countries.

Industry Specific Portuguese Translations

Our Portuguese translation services can be used to perform a translation project in the following areas of industry:

• Legal documents Portuguese translation
• Financial documents and records Portuguese translation
• Business communication and documents Portuguese translation
• User manuals Portuguese translations
• Marketing and sales literature Portuguese translation
• Software Portuguese translation and localization, etc.

Portuguese Translation You Can Trust

 Our Portuguese Translation Agency specializes in high-volume and complex professional Portuguese translations with fast turnaround times at the most competitive rates. We are always ready to translate even the largest projects. Our strict quality assurance program guarantees complete accuracy and worry-free execution for every multilingual project.

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our work, and we offer the most affordable prices for our Portuguese translation services.  You will never pay more than we have quoted you, which is what makes our clients come back again and again. We are not the cheapest; however, we believe our superior service and quality translations make us the most competitive.

Some Facts about the Portuguese Language

Among the world's major languages, Portuguese is spoken by nearly 200 million people around the world. It is also the official language in nine countries. Most Portuguese speakers are concentrated in South America. Being closer to the US, they attract companies who wish to capitalize on their proximity, along with the language factors that are attributed to this region.

Because there are some similarities between Spanish and Portuguese and both come from the Iberian peninsula, many people believe that Portuguese is merely a dialect of Spanish. In reality, this is not the case. Although the greater part of the Portuguese vocabulary is of Latin origin, a number of words have been absorbed from Arabic, French and Italian, and also from some of the indigenous South American and African languages.

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