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General FAQ

1. How are you different from other translation, proofreading and content writing services?

We are different from them in many ways:

• We offer the most affordable prices on the web for our translation, proofreading and content writing services.
• We are experienced qualified, and highly professional.
• We are committed to producing high-quality work.

We offer excellent customer service and speedy responses to our clients’ requests.

2. What if I'm not happy with the work that has been done?

All our work is absolutely guaranteed.

If you aren't satisfied with our services, or you feel that we've failed to deliver what you expected, please let us know how we can fix it. "Free fixes" are inherently implied when you're buying professional services.

3. How much do your services cost?

Our translation, proofreading and content writing rates can be found here (link to the page). We offer the lowest rates in the industry and guarantee the quality of our services.

4. How and when can I pay?

We accept payments by bank (wire) transfer and through the WebMoney Transfer system. Payment is made in advance. All money transfer charges are met by the sender.

5. How do you safeguard my personal delails?

We understand the importance of confidentiality and assure you that your data is securely stored in our database and that no third party is ever given access to them.


FAQ translation

1. How can you guarantee that my translation will be completed professionally?

We are proud of the fact that our translators are mother tongue speakers, who live and work in English speaking countries, have professional translation qualifications, between 10 and 20 years of experience and verified references. We also ensure that your translation will be performed exclusively by topic specialists. Many of our translators have a background in specialized fields such as IT, technology, finance, science, law, and marketing and they bring this expertise to their language translations. In addition, our Quality Assurance Program ensures that every document translated is edited and proofread before it is returned to the client.

2. What is your translation process?

You can see our step-by-step translation project implementation here (link to translation process)

3. What languages do you translate?

Our company offers translation from over 100 languages into or from the English language

4. Do your translators use machine translation tools?

Our company cooperates only with professional native speaking human translators who deliver honest, specialized translations. However, some of our freelance translators employ translation memory software to ensure consistency of terms within the document. We use a native speaker to review the translation, just to make sure that the target text contains no cultural differences that machine translations cannot render.

5. What is your average turnaround time?

Small documents (1-4 pages) are translated in 1 or 2 working days. We can return urgent translations the same day or in 24 hours upon your request. For extencive projects the deadlines vary depending on the size of the document but we attempt to meet all deadlines but would inform you immediately if there is likely to be a delay.

6. How do you charge for your services?

For translation, we charge on a per word basis for every language ordered, or charge on per standard page of translated text (1,800 characters with space).

7. How can I calculate the number of words in the text I need translated?

You can calculate the number of words in the text you need translated simply by copying and pasting it into our free word counter. (Can we place one on the site?)

8. How can I order language translation?

You can email us the document you need translated (or at least a sample), together with your specified deadline, or use our online form.

  FAQ proofreading

1. How does your proofreading service work?

The fundamental work in proofreading is checking the spelling, punctuation and grammar, checking for accuracy of facts, and formatting the layout of graphics and links, etc.

2. What is the difference between Standard and Premium Proofreading?

We offer our clients two types of proofreading - Standard and Premium. The choice depends largely upon who your target audience is. It will also depend on your writing expertise and your knowledge of the English language.
While performing Standard Proofreading of your material, we check for general grammar, word usage, typographical errors (typos), spelling, punctuation, and sentence construction, etc.

In the case of Premium Proofreading we offer a deeper analysis of your texts, including general organization, language tips, logicality, relevance and clarity, consistency, free word reduction, unity and general coherence.

3. How long will it take you to proofread or copyedit my document?

The standard turn around time is 5 to 7 days from receiving payment for your project. Larger texts will obviously take longer and turnaround times will reflect this.

4. How much will I have to pay?

The cost is directly proportional to the character count of your document. A per-character policy avoids problems related to defining the size of a page and how much work can be done in a specified period. Such a charge also allows you to calculate you own fees before submitting your document. For rates and additional fees, click here (link to the page).

5. What happens once you receive my project and payment?

Once payment is received, our experts will your document irrespective of its size, content and/or genre (ebook, company report, newsletter, brochure, press release, thesis, website, etc.)

Your electronic document(s) will be returned to you with all proofreading corrections color-coded and highlighted. In addition, we will send you a second, final document, with all changes incorporated and color-coding and highlighting removed.

FAQ content writing

1. What types of services do you offer?

Our company can provide you with both academic and non-academic writing services. Our essay writers can produce term papers, dissertations, essays, reports, speeches, website content, copyrighting, articles, and many other types of written work.

2. How can I be sure my content is original and unique? Each and every piece of writing that we produce is absolutely 100% original and unique. We do not plagiarize, and our everything we produce, including articles, ebooks, blog content can be checked with COPYSCAPE. We stand behind our services. If you think our content is not unique, email us right away, and we will investigate the situation. We will refund the cost of an unacceptable article.

2. Can I see a sample of your writing?

You can verify and assess the quality of our output in terms of spelling, grammar and writing style by reviewing the many examples held on our “samples” page.

3. How many words can you write in one day? We can write at least 10,000 words everyday depending on the type of package. If you want to hire more than one writer, you are welcome to contact us and we will get back to you with a quote and details of the custom package. Alternatively, you can get in touch via the live chat button.

4. What if I change my mind about something after you've written it?

If you change your mind about something that we have already written following your initial instructions, you can either keep the content as it is or you can have us change the content for an additional fee, possibly a full price. Once you have sent the details, we will contact you regarding our understanding of what you require and start on your order.

5. Do you also provide regular update services for website content? Absolutely. If you have a website that requires ongoing content update, then you can leave it to us. We can provide your periodical update content on a regular basis through research and writing services.

6. Do you write content for blogs? Yes. Blogs are a wonderful means of communicating your message and also an effective way of optimizing your presence on the web. We can create a blog for you and feed it with regular article content.

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