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Quality of our Service

Translation services quality guarantee

At 100 Translation Services we take quality very seriously. Our goal is to continually meet or exceed client expectations, providing only top-class translation services—and that is what we deliver, every time. Whether you order a short, personal letter or a large website translation project, you always get the same first-rate service.

Our quality standards have been approved by a number of companies that confirm the compliance of our translation services with the established requirements. Our company follows high-ethic principles and best business practices.

We have an exclusive, worldwide network of carefully selected, highly qualified and fully accredited translators and interpreters. They represent the basis of our translation services as they apply the highest professional standards of accuracy and efficiency to their work.


Quality Assurance Program


100 Translation Services has developed an efficient Quality Assurance Program to ensure you get the best quality output from all of our translation services. This program consists of a three-step process, each being carried out by a different certified native-speaking translator of the target language.

Step One.  While Translating, we develop a comprehensive glossary of terms specific to the client’s project; this work is managed by a professional translator who is responsible for receiving, interchanging and implementing terms supported by a dynamic glossary that is delivered and integrated through our teams of linguists.

Step Two. During the Proofreading stage, we combine tools and processes to ensure that the proper terms are used at all times, combining accuracy with time-efficiency. This process provides appropriateness, and at the same time allows each linguist to provide adaptations and modifications where he/she considers appropriate.

Step Three. Finally, we perform Re-checking by an expert native speaker in case of technical content or other translation that requires specialized knowledge of industry-specific terms. To ensure the proper usage of industry vocabulary, we rely on professional experts that have access to translation word stocks, reliable, advanced dictionaries and specific terminology tools. We are convinced of the necessity to employ industry-expert translators as each industry is based on specific terminology that is dynamically progressing in its everyday activities.

Proofreading services quality guarantee

Our proofreading services are provided by carefully selected professionals who are all asked to meet a set of minimum requirements before we even consider the possibility of employing them.
All our proofreading services are carried out by fresh eyes that are new to your document to ensure those small details are properly corrected. Proofreading services are especially important in reviewing translated documents, where many errors can easily occur.
We use a "track changes" proofreading tool that will help you to easily identify each modification we have made and each comment we have inserted in the original content. We will also provide you with a final document which has had all the changes and modifications incorporated.

Content writing services quality guarantee

We offer our clients a high-quality content writing service that fully meets demands. We guarantee that every type of content is original, professionally written and free from any sort of error. To achieve these standards, we have formed a unique team of qualified and talented writers with outstanding writing skills.

Our skillful content writers are familiar with all the tricks and techniques of professional writing and they are able to offer the right content for every situation. Our content writing services will enrich your original information so that it becomes crucial to the success of your project.

Our content writing services also help you to promote your company and your business to your customers and potential clients. We write in order to help you get the best possible results, make a persuasive impression, and fulfill your potential in your field.

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